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Looking for the perfect team for residential pool construction? Well, you’ve just hit the jackpot. Our team has years of experience in the industry, knowledge of the challenges of the region—both geographical and permit-related—and is invested in producing only the highest quality work.

Since opening our doors, we’ve worked hard to employ the best pool contractors and grow relationships with other industry leaders. This means we can provide you with amazing rates on materials as well as subcontractors when it comes to building a surround, decking or patio.

Give Garden City Pools a call at (905) 329-8881. We’ll construct a pool that’s both durable and beautiful and will last a lifetime.

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Garden City Pools: Specializing in Swimming Pool Installations

When it comes to swimming pool installations, clients consistently place their trust in us, and with good reason. Our pool construction installations are swift without compromising on quality or cutting corners.

We remain code-compliant, thorough, and committed to your pool’s longevity and durability every step of the way. Relying on us ensures you reap all the promised benefits of your pool, enjoying a refreshing and relaxing oasis right in your own backyard.

Our Inground Swimming Pool Installation Services

We specialize in creating customized inground swimming pools that perfectly complement your backyard’s landscape. Whether you envision a luxurious infinity pool, a vibrant, family-friendly play area, or a serene lap pool, you’ll find no pool builders better suited to serve you than us.

Our team handles every aspect of the installation process, from initial design to the finishing touches, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience for our clients.

Above-Ground Swimming Pool Installation Services

Above-ground pools can be just as aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable as their inground counterparts, with the added benefits of quicker installation times and portability. We’re skilled in handling pools of all designs and sizes, ensuring you won’t have to look elsewhere for professional assistance.

Are you unsure which style or brand of pool to select for your property? Our expert team will guide you through the selection process and installation. After construction, we’re always here to support you with pool maintenance services for both above-ground and inground pools.

Choose Industry-Leading Pool Contractors

Whether you’re looking for a refreshing way to incorporate some low-impact exercise into your daily life or want to transform your backyard into a luxurious oasis, we’re the industry-leading pool contractors you’ll need to turn your vision into a gorgeous reality.

We understand how important it is to ensure the details are just right. To do this, we’re equipped with all the tools, equipment, and certified personnel needed to design and install in and above-ground swimming pools of virtually all shapes, materials, and sizes.

Look to us for meticulous design, construction, and project management services to help you move your project forward to completion on time and within your budget.

We also offer cost-effective solutions for the installation of various pool equipment and accessories, including:

  • Pool heating
  • Pumps
  • Liners
  • Skimmers
  • Filters
  • …and much more!

Personalized Swimming Pool Design and Installation

Your property has its own unique features that make opting for personalized swimming pool design and installation a wise choice. Even if you are planning to put in an identical pool to your neighbor, there could be certain conditions that make your installation processes differ, including:

  • Ground composition
  • Underground utilities
  • Proximity to buildings and spacing
  • …and more

Rather than seeking a one-size-fits-all estimate that could be subject to extra fees, we encourage you to choose a construction professional with plenty of experience giving accurate pool installation project and pricing breakdowns.

Call on us for superior service from start to finish. Phone our team today to schedule a risk-free initial consultation.

Custom Pool Construction

Our custom pool construction options are the way to go when you want to impress your guests with a truly spectacular swimming experience. Why not create something truly one-of-a-kind that is perfectly sized and placed to maximize your enjoyment of your backyard? With us, your imagination is practically the only limit to what’s possible.

Connect with our team to discover a wide range of luxurious custom pool installation options.

Pool Builders Dedicated to Working Within Your Budget

As long-time local pool builders, we know how important it is to stick to your budget. That’s why we’re committed to taking extra measures to protect your finances. To do this, we conduct in-depth initial consultations that allow us to explore your ideas in full and learn more about the location you’ve chosen for your new pool.

Then, we’ll propose cost-effective plans to complete your installation without any hidden fees or surprises. All you have to do is reach out to reserve an appointment at your convenience. Call today to book yours.

Hire an Experienced Swimming Pool Company

We’re a well-established swimming pool company with plenty of local construction experience and a long history of leaving our clients delighted with the quality and longevity of our work. Let us help you overcome design or construction challenges with actionable solutions that save you time and money.

In addition to our pool installation services, we can also help with:

  • Pool repairs
  • Pool maintenance
  • Pool replacement
  • …and more!

We’re the residential swimming pool specialists you can count on to quickly diagnose and solve any issues related to a pool on your home property. Simply contact our team to learn more about what makes us the best choice for a full suite of pool installation, repair, and structural maintenance services.

Contact Our Pool Builders Today

Inground or aboveground, Garden City Pools’s pool builders are dedicated to giving you your best summer ever.

Pools are an amazing addition to any home, and we’d love to meet with you as soon as possible to discuss our plan for your custom pool. Give us a call at (905) 329-8881 and let’s get started

Rectangular in-ground pool available as we clear inventory. A great size, 16 X 28 foot for only $63,000.00 taxes included. One only, call 905-329-8881 to take advantage of this opportunity to be swimming this summer!