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Looking for the perfect team for residential pool construction? Well, you’ve just hit the jackpot. Our team has years of experience in the industry, knowledge of the challenges of the region both geographical and permit related, and are invested in producing only the highest quality work.

Since opening our doors we’ve worked hard to employ the best pool contractors, and grow relationships with other industry leaders. This means we can provide you with amazing rates on materials as well as subcontractors when it comes to building a surround, decking or patio.

Give Garden City Pools a call. We’ll construct a pool that’s both durable and beautiful and will last a lifetime.

The Best Pool Construction for You

When it comes to building a pool there are a lot of options to be considered. Most local pools are inground, but what type of finishing will you choose? What type of lining?

The aboveground pool is also an option. What will look best in your backyard?

Inground Pool Installation

Inground pools are a classic. While on the pricier end of the spectrum, they are a very worthwhile investment that will give you years of enjoyment as well as raise the value of your property.

Inground pools are most commonly constructed of:

  • Gunite
  • Poured concrete
  • Fiberglass

And, they can be lined with vinyl and finished off with plaster, tile, stone, or man-made textures.

Aboveground Pool Installation

Many homeowners think they can install an aboveground pool themselves. But this is not the case. Constructing the walls and leveling the ground to ensure your pool is safe and durable should always be done by a professional team such as the one at Garden City Pools.

These pools are available for a fraction of a cost of inground pools, but aren’t as permanent and have less options for customization.

Residential Pool Contractors

When creating your personal pool, we know what your clients want and what’s going to make them the happiest and most comfortable while swimming.

At Garden City Pools we’ve had the pleasure of building pools. Our reputation for quality workmanship and competitive pricing has made us a local industry leader.

Quality Pools for Your Best Summer Ever

Inground or aboveground, Garden City Pools is dedicated to giving you your best summer ever.

Pools are an amazing addition to any home, and we’d love to meet with you as soon as possible to discuss our plan for your custom pool. Give us a call and let’s get started!

Rectangular in-ground pool available as we clear inventory. A great size, 16 X 28 foot for only $63,000.00 taxes included. One only, call 905-329-8881 to take advantage of this opportunity to be swimming this summer!