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The sun has become a less frequent visitor, the temperature has dropped and those grey clouds that seemed an eternity away a few short months ago are appearing more and more on the horizon. While you might not want to admit it, it is clear that winter is approaching and it is crucial that you take the necessary measures to ensure that your pool is closed correctly.

At Garden City Pools, our specialized team of pool professionals have years of experience in all aspect of the pool closing process. We know how to close every type of pool to protect it during the off season. Call us to arrange your pools winter hibernation protects it from the elements.

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The Importance of Pool Closing

As the winter season approaches, taking the necessary steps to properly close your pool is essential in safeguarding it from potential damage. Pool closing prevents the detrimental effects of freezing temperatures, debris accumulation, and water chemistry imbalances that can wreak havoc on your pool's structure and equipment.

By investing in professional pool closing services from Garden City Pools, you can ensure your pool is protected during the off-season, extending its lifespan and minimizing the need for any costly repairs.

Why Choose Our Pool Winterizing Company

When it comes to winterizing your pool, choosing the right company can make all the difference in ensuring a smooth transition through the off-season. At Garden City Pools, we offer a winterizing service that stands out from the rest.

Here's why you should choose our team:

  • Years of experience in the industry
  • A dedicated team of professionals
  • Customized approaches
  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • Specialized equipment and products
  • Professionalism and reliability
  • Customer satisfaction

Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your pool is in good hands when you choose us to winterize it.

Pool Closing Specialists to Safeguard Your Pool

At Garden City Pools, our professionals understand the complexities of pool winterization and specialize in closing pools. We take all necessary steps to ensure a safe and secure transition from the swimming season to winter, considering factors such as water levels, filtration systems, chemical balance, and other relevant details.

Our experts also inspect all water and chemical levels for accuracy before winterizing to make sure your pool is properly balanced for the off-season. We guarantee your satisfaction and will always go the extra mile to ensure you're completely happy with your service.

Winter Pool Care During the Off-Season

Our winterizing service doesn't just stop with the closing process. We also offer professional care and maintenance during the off-season to ensure your pool is in good condition when the swimming season returns.

Our team will regularly monitor your pool during the winter months, attending to any necessary repairs or maintenance to prevent any potential problems from arising. We're available to answer your queries and provide advice on how to keep your pool in the best condition possible during the winter.

Pool Preparation for the Next Swimming Season

Before the warm weather returns and it's time to dive back into your pool, proper pool preparation is essential. At Garden City Pools, we can also help you get your pool ready for a seamless and enjoyable opening.

We start by thoroughly inspecting your pool for any signs of damage or wear. We check the integrity of the pool structure, examine the filtration system, and assess the water quality. Our experienced technicians will make any necessary repairs, clean and balance the water, and ensure that the pool equipment is in optimal working condition.

Our team of experts is skilled in all aspects of pool preparation and knows exactly what it takes to ensure your pool is in pristine condition when you're ready to take that first refreshing plunge.

In-ground Pool Winterizing

Pool closing time is often a sad part of the year. The weather is getting colder, the sun is making way for clouds, it’s windy and rainy, and the leaves are changing color. The summer days spent swimming and bathing by the pool are now but a distant memory and it is common for pool owners not to want to spend too much of this time thinking about their pool. However, failing to close or winterize your pool correctly can and will result in lasting damage to it, resulting in you being unable to enjoy it fully next summer.

Garden City Pools has developed a reputation that is built on providing an unrivalled pool closing service to residential pool owners.

Winterize Your Pool with Garden City Pools

We have been proud to serve pool-owners for decades so, it’s safe to say, that we know a thing or two about closing up a pool. So whether your pool is an in-ground or above-ground pool, you can rest assured knowing that our professional team will use the most advanced and trusted techniques to ensure your pool remains in the best condition possible for next spring.

Upon completion of the initial appraisal, our team will:

  • Carefully unpack your pool cover, water tubes and plugs. If you are a previous customer, we will have already decided on a good location to store your pool supplies so we can easily find them. If not, then we might need a little help!
  • Disconnect your pump and filter completely.
  • Drain any heaters to ensure no residual water is resting in the heater during the winter months.
  • Vacuum out all jet pipes and skimmer sides using a state-of-the-art air compressor.
  • Remove all diving boards and adjoining ladders before testing the water level one final time.
  • Carefully place the cover over the pool, finalizing the winterizing process.

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Closing a pool for the off season is important for its long life and your continued enjoyment of your investment. Let the professionals at Garden City Pools give you a hand so you know that it is done right. If you have any questions about pool closing or any other service we provide, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to working with you!

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