Pool Installation Services in Niagara Falls

If you’re looking for residential pool construction, or commercial pool builders, you’ve come to the right place. At Garden City Pools we specialize in creating custom pools for the homeowners of Niagara Falls that they can brag about. Not only that, but if you’re a gym, school, or community center we excel at constructing commercial pools that are durable and built to the highest safety standards.

For pool designers that not only know what they’re doing, but love what they’re doing, Garden City Pools is the team for you. With years in the local industry, all of our design and build techniques have been streamlined to give you the best functionality at the best price.

Aboveground or Inground?

While the majority of commercial pools in Niagara Falls are built in-ground for aesthetic and durability purposes, you have options worth exploring. We recommend looking at what’s available before making a purchasing decision. What works for local businesses and other homeowners might not be your ideal solution. When you have all the information about your options, it’s much easier to make a pool purchasing decision you’ll be satisfied with for many years to come.

In-Ground Pool Installation

In-ground pools integrate into your surrounding landscape, enhancing the visual appeal of your property and increasing its market value. They provide greater customization options in size, shape, and features, allowing you to create a personalized oasis tailored to your lifestyle and preferences. With proper maintenance and care, your in-ground pool will offer long-term durability, providing endless relaxation, exercise, and entertainment opportunities for you, your loved ones, and your guests.

Above-Ground Pool Installation

Opting for an above-ground pool installation presents several advantages. They’re typically more cost-effective than their in-ground counterparts, making them a budget-friendly option for anyone looking to enjoy the benefits of a pool without stretching their finances too thin.

Our installation process for above-ground pools is often quicker and less invasive, requiring less disruption to your surrounding landscape and minimizing the need for extensive excavation. This can be particularly advantageous in areas with challenging terrain or limited space and where underground utilities and rock formations might obstruct traditional in-ground installations.

We build above-ground pools that are highly versatile and can be easily relocated if necessary, providing flexibility should you wish to change the layout of your yard in the future. With advancements in design and construction, modern above-ground pools offer a wide range of styles, sizes, and features, allowing you to customize your pool to suit your aesthetic preferences and functional requirements.

Benefits of Hiring Garden City Pools

A lot of work goes into installing a pool. It requires a specific skillset and extensive knowledge. When you hire Garden City Pools, you can rest assured that our team is not only skilled and among the best pool installers in Niagara Falls, but we come prepared with a breadth of knowledge to answer any questions you have.

And that's not all. When it comes to providing exceptional service, we believe in adding perks here and there. Here are just some of the benefits we offer as part of our service.

  • Affordable pool installation
  • Fully certified and professional installers
  • Risk-free quote
  • Risk-free consultation
  • Custom pools to choose from

Here at Garden City Pools, we believe that offering a service doesn't only mean providing customers with what they need. It also means going above and beyond to give them a positive experience. And that is precisely what we do. Contact our office to learn more!

Commercial or Residential Pool Contractors

When it comes to installing a pool for a home, it requires a different process than installing one for a commercial property. Therefore, hiring a pool installation contractor with skills in both areas is essential.

At Garden City Pools, we've had the pleasure of building pools for various homes and businesses, ranging in size. We have decades of collective experience that helped us master the art of pool installation. And to top it off, our reputation for unmatched workmanship and competitive pricing has made us a local industry leader.

Our Risk-Free Consultation Process

If you're in the market to install a pool but unsure of where to start, we're here to help. A lot goes into the process, and our consultation is designed to go over everything from design, material, cost, future maintenance, etc.

You're one phone call away from enjoying a newly installed pool. All you need to do is contact our office, and we will schedule an in-person consultation.

Pool Installation Process

Why hire multiple contracting companies for one project when you can hire one for the entire job? Garden City Pools is a one-stop shop when it comes to the pool installation process. Despite how big the job is and whether the pool is aboveground or inground, we're a full-service contractor and can get the job done from start to finish.

We have decades of collective experience, and we've built a reputation for building the highest-quality pools in Niagara Falls. In addition, our team comprises a group of contractors with a broad set of experience and knowledge, so we handle the entire process, including the following:

  • Surveying the land to mark out the location of the pool
  • Excavating the ground for inground installations
  • Installing panels
  • Assembling accessories (steps, etc.)
  • Pouring concrete for inground installations
  • Installing the liner

When you hire our team, we will take the time to access your property to put forward our thoughts on the best pool options for you. Once the service plan is created and agreed upon, the installation process will begin, and we will take care of the rest. It's that easy. Give us a call today. Escaping the summer heat in the pool of your dreams is just around the corner.

Next-Level Outdoor Living

Creating a space for students, community center patrons, or gym members to exercise, cool down, and relax in the summer? A pool is an amazing addition to any facility and we’ve had the pleasure of creating many commercial pools.

Having a property sizeable enough for a pool is an amazing thing. Allow us to be your pool designer and overhaul your backyard landscape making it your dream getaway, right outside your back door!

Combining your pool with the right materials, plants, and quality accessories with the best design will leave you with an enviable outdoor living space you can be proud of showing off.

Call our team at Garden City Pools and ask us more about what we can create for you.