Pool Closing Services in Niagara Falls

A properly closed pool means less cleaning and chemical adjustments in spring, with equipment protected and ready to go for a quicker and smoother opening. With our professional pool closing services, we protect your pool’s longevity and ensure a smooth reopening next season.

At Garden City Pools, we take the stress out of closing your above or inground pool, following a detailed checklist to ensure every aspect of the process is handled with care and attention to detail. From draining the water to installing safety covers, your pool will be safe from the harsh winter elements.

With us, you can trust that your pool will be safe and ready when the warm weather returns. Call (905) 329-8881 to schedule your pool closing in Niagara Falls.

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Comprehensive Services for all Pool Types

Don’t wait until debris has collected inside your pool and its accompanying filtration systems before calling our pool pros. Whether you require a winter cover installation, advice on lowering pool water levels appropriately, or qualified advice on winter protection products and treatments, Garden City Pools technicians are equipped to safely and efficiently close any residential pool regardless of size or type.  Allow our qualified staff to handle every detail with a range of optional services that include salt water cleaning, cartridge filter cleaning, sand filter changes, chemical balancing and any necessary repairs or pool part replacements. 

Cleaning Your Pool Before Closing

In addition to chemical balancing to limit algae growth and facilitate opening the following year, the sides and bottom of any pool must be thoroughly vacuumed and brushed to remove all debris prior to closing.  Skimmer baskets should be cleaned and emptied, and all accessories rinsed before storage. Garden City Pools technicians provide these and additional optional services for Niagara Falls pool owners, including filter and tank cleaning and secure installation of any type of pool cover. 

Closing Pools Safely 

Closing your pool correctly eliminates the need for major adjustments come spring, but it also prevents equipment degradation. Improper closing, on the other hand, can lead to burst pipes and leaks requiring extensive repair or replacement.

Our closing process focuses on safety and equipment preservation. We carefully drain and winterize all equipment to remove any water that could cause cracks or damage and fasten a secure pool cover to prevent accidents such as falls.

Effective Algae Growth Prevention

Algae growth is one of the main issues your pool can suffer in the winter. At Garden City Pools, we’ve developed a reputation for comprehensive pool closing services that ensure the effective prevention of algae growth.

Our team provides algaecide treatment, which uses chemical solutions to prevent unwanted plants from flourishing in your pool over the winter. We implement a chlorine treatment to disinfect the pool, so algae will find it an inhospitable environment. We can also service your filtration system and monitor your pool’s pH levels to keep spawning algae in check.

We’re a specialized team of pool maintenance technicians with many years of experience. Whatever issues you may be facing with getting your pool ready for winter, we can sort them out for you in a jiffy. Speak to our customer support team to learn more about our algae prevention methods today!

What Happens When a Pool is Not Properly Closed?

In colder climates, the equipment on an inadequately winterized pool can freeze and become irreparably damaged when frozen parts begin to thaw. Extreme temperature fluctuations can ruin a filtration system and piping when not protected.

To prevent these issues and ensure a smooth spring opening, a final water test and chemical balancing are essential. This helps maintain a chlorine residual to prevent algae growth and keeps the pH in an ideal range to prevent staining and corrosion.

Draining the Water Lines

Disassembly of your pool’s equipment involves more than just pulling apart the piping. This process involves thoroughly draining and drying all equipment to eliminate any residual water that could freeze and cause damage. For specific components where water removal may be impractical, we apply antifreeze treatments for added protection.

Closing a pool efficiently can challenge even the most experienced pool owner. Contact Garden City Pools pool experts to schedule an appointment and for answers to any questions you may have.

Benefits of Our Extensive Pool Closing Service

Winter can be an unwelcome season if you’re used to hopping in your backyard pool for a quick dip. As unwanted as the colder weather might be, taking the proper measures to ensure your pool survives the colder season is essential. This includes closing the pool down during the cooler months with the proper procedures. As an experienced pool company, we know the most significant advantages of winterizing your pool, including the following benefits:

Secure the Pool Plumbing

Negative temperatures can cause the water in your pool to freeze and contract, leading to cracks, leaks, and other forms of damage in the plumbing system. During our closing service, we’ll help you secure your pool plumbing to ensure you’re not faced with extensive repairs when you open it up in the spring.

Stop Algae Growth in Your Pool

As temperatures drop, the water in your pool can become more susceptible to algae and fungi growth. Our team will drain the water in your pool to keep the space clear and thoroughly disinfect all surfaces to ensure no unwanted plants begin to take root.

Protect Pool Equipment

Pumps, filters, and heaters can be significantly damaged by freezing temperatures. Our winterizing process will keep them safe through the colder months, ensuring they remain insulated and protected.

Save Money on Pool Maintenance

We’ll provide a detailed pool closing service to help you avoid expensive repairs. With our preventative measures in place, you can save the money you would otherwise spend on getting your pool back in shape after winter.

Winterize Your In-Ground Pool with Garden City Pools

When your pool begins to reflect more grey clouds than blue skies, it may be best to say goodbye to outdoor swims for the time being and get your pool ready for the winter.

Let us winterize your in-ground pool with our comprehensive process. Our team provides customers across Niagara Falls with pool opening, closing, and maintenance services to ensure their outdoor pools remain in peak condition throughout the harsh winter storms.

Our team will drain your pool, disconnect the pump and filter, and remove and store the accessories. We’ll also vacuum the jet pipes and skimmer sides with our air compressor, shock the water, and test everything before covering the pool tightly.

Connect with us at (905) 329-8881 to book our pool closing services.