Inground Pools in Niagara Falls

Creating an exquisite inground pool is all about experience and skill. In the Niagara Falls pool construction industry for many years, our team has skill and experience to spare! Licensed and bonded, all our work comes with the Garden City Pools’ promise to build your pool to the highest industry and safety standards and provide a warranty on all our products and services.

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Gunite Pools

Gunite pools are popular for personalized in-ground pool installations due to their versatility and durability. Unlike pre-formed pool structures, gunite pools are constructed on-site using a mixture of cement, sand, and water, allowing for customizable shapes, sizes, and features.

Are you considering the pool material type? We’re ready to give you all the details and help you select the perfect shape, size, and custom features. Give us a call today.

Poured Concrete Pools

We build poured concrete pools by pouring concrete into a custom-made form. These pools offer virtually limitless design possibilities, allowing you to tailor every aspect to your preferences. From unique shapes and sizes to custom features like integrated spas or waterfalls, poured concrete pools can bring any vision to life.

Fiberglass Pools

Our fiberglass pools have gained popularity as a preferred choice for custom in-ground pool installations thanks to their versatility and efficiency. These pools come pre-formed from factory molds, offering a wide range of shapes, sizes, and designs to suit various preferences. With advancements in technology, fiberglass pools can now be customized with features like built-in benches, tanning ledges, and water features.

Ask us about all your options during a risk-free initial consultation.

Vinyl Pools

When considering how to line your pool, you have three options. Leave the gunite or concrete, insert a fiberglass shell, or line your concrete pool with vinyl. A vinyl liner will supply you with a nice smooth pool bottom surface, but will need to be replaced in five to nine years due to its potential to fade and discolor in the sun as well as tear and leak.

No matter what method you choose, installing your inground pool is our pleasure, and the cost of putting in a pool is well worth it.

Concrete, fiberglass, vinyl—they all have their advantages and disadvantages but what it comes down to is what will work best with your budget and backyard.

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When you hire Garden City Pools for your inground pool installation, you don’t need to have a solid idea in mind of what your pool will be shaped like and constructed of.

Together, we’ll determine what your best and most financially viable options are and start planning from that point.

Our Niagara Falls clients love using our knowledge base to come up with their perfect pool, and in the end they’re satisfied with the results ever time.

So let’s jump right on in and get to designing your new favorite part of summer!