We offer a complete solution to pool design, redesign, repairs and construction.

Our services include the following;

  • Free consult and quote
  • Design service
  • Advice on suitable pool types for your area
  • Advice on fencing options
  • Winterizing options
  • Serivce options
  • Salt water & fresh water pool options
  • Pool heating options
  • Pump/heating options
  • Decks
  • Pool Reparis and Renovations
  • Arranging all applications and certification
  • Listening to our customers

By engaging with our customers and listening to what they are saying we are able to keep improving our products and options to meet ever changing consumer demand.

Watch us in action.  From the very beginning as we dig the ground to the final setup and even covering your pool for Winter preparation.

Garden City Pools

Garden City Pools