Ken Pastachak first ventured into the Pool Business as a student while at University.

A natural progression took him as a lead hand providing pool service to the St. Catharines, Niagara Falls and Grimsby regions to eventually in a few years founding his own vinyl pool business.

Ken found that whether it was the challenge of providing exceptional service to existing inground pool users, or the design feats of creating a lovely backyard space, he immensely enjoyed his work and satisfying customers.  This would be his passion in life.

The volume and experience has grown from his earliest days, when he was amongst the first in the St. Catharines region to gain expertise in the installation of inground vinyl pools.

Today his range of pool installations, as well as provision of maintenance and service takes him from Niagara Falls, and through all points Westward.

Some 44 years later and with over a thousand well crafted pools under his belt, Ken Pastachak has garnered a reputation as a very reputable and professional owner of his own business – Garden City Pools.

Mr. Pastachak is somewhat old school and attention to detail is paramount. Even today you will find that Ken will often attend to the details of an install personally.  “Some day soon I might resort to a more supervisory role”.

There is a tremendous satisfaction that Ken gets in dealing with customers as a sole proprietorship, but also as the orchestrator of all things from the concept development to planning, detailing and executing the installation of the inground pools.

Ancillary servicing of the pools and also the design and construction of pool deck surfaces to enhance the inground pool itself, are natural extensions of what Garden City pools provides to its customers.

Do feel free to call Ken for a free quotation.  He welcomes any opportunities that might allow him to create a special space for your family.

Ingound pools often provide the focus for some of the happiest memories for many families.